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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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hospital with life threatening
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investigators say 29-year-old keith hallman was behind the wheel. police do not suspect drugs or alcohol, and so far he is not facing any charges. a cary man is due in court tomorrow on child pornography charges. police arrested 27 year old christopher farinella. he's charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. according to a search warrant, police found sexually explicit videos of children between the ages of 4 and 11 in his possession. farinella is being held on half a million dollars bond. roxboro's police chief is making a after the murder of a 23 year old man -- set off racial tensions. jaleel downey was found lying in a yard along the 15- hundred block of pine ridge drive last night. officers say bennie harris pulled the trigger. police say the men were arguing prior to the shooting. harris is charged with first degree murder. in a letter tonight -- chief david hess says two-thirds of the facebook comments on what he calls a "senseless murder" were so vile and racist they couldn't be viewed. saying -- quote -- i am deeply burdened
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this tragedy understandably has emotions running high. the hate that is being spread is prolonging the healing process ... enough is enough." bennie harris is due in court december 13th. erm plans for communites devastated by flooding. matthew caused $2 billion dollars in billion dollars in economic damage in our state. the governor has requested more than $1 billion dollars in federal assistance. during hurricane matthew, troopers put in 23-thousand hours of overtime! however... one sergeant was logging hours at home - while parts of his patrol area were underwater. and that wasn't the only time we
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watch w-r-a-l investigates...tomorr ow at 6:00. fire officials monitoring 16 wildfires in western north carolina say -- the fires have not grown much in size in the past 24 hours. the us forest service says, so far, roughly 730 firefighters , 59 engines, and six helicopters are fighting about 25- thousand total burning acres. fire officials say despite dry conditions, the fires have not grown much. a red flag warning is in effect this weekend for the western region. this is video today fr lake lure resort cam - that we've been monitoring throughout the week. as you can see, it's a little hazy - but not as smoky as we've seen in recent days. in the midst of a deep nationwide divide over race and religion -- an unexpected show of goodwill. a group of wake county families showed up at this apex mosque with signs and treats as worshippers came in for morning prayers. the families say they just wanted to show support for their islamic neighbors. and the gesture was well-received by worshipers -- who said they were
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pope francis shut the doors of saint peter's basilica -- officially marking the end of the holy year at the vatican. the pontiff declared this past holy year-- which started in december of 2015-- the year of mercy. he urged the 70- thousand people attending this morning's mass to continue looking for opportunities to reconcile with each other. president-elect donald trump continues whittling down the list of potential white house staffers. we'll run down the list of people who showed up for private meetings - with trump at his new jersey country club. and his own 8 year tenure. what he considers to be one of the greatest achievements during his
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? ? ? you said you're not like me, ?
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k into the sky for a momentary high, ? ? you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ? ? everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ? geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. president-elect do met with another dozen people today at his call courts -- course -- golf course in new jersey. presumably are the meetings are for spots in his administration. he met with mitt romney saturday and -- jennifer johnson has to latest. a busy weekend is president- elect donald trump continues interviews to build this administration . trump and vice president- elect mike pence met with some familiar faces at the golf
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mayor -- giuliani and chris christie . some pics of 40s -- 40 spark controversy like retired lieutenant general mike lin for national security advisor has called islam a malignant cancer, he promises a solid teams, quit you -- corey you are seeing donald trump do right now is bring the best and brightest together to make the best decision for america for all americans of the trump's relationship with democrats could be rocky. we are not going to repeal or help them with people obamacare. >> the president-elect took to twitter sunday blessing the cast of roadways hamilton the comments made to mike pence on the audience friday night. we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect. tens said he was -- wasn't offended. when we -- . when we arrived, we heard a few brews -- boos and some cheers and i nudge my kids and reminded them that's what -- that's what freedom sounds like.
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monday and tuesday at his new york city home . trump to this team, son new line -- the one you and they are -- aaron will not be living in the white house in january president obama today held his last conference in the final day of the asia-pacific economic summit to get. i will knock on some would, we have two months i am extremely proud of the fact that over eight years, we have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administration . when talking about donald trump the president advice the will to take a wait-and-see approach to the new at illustration. the toll stands at more than 115 people another 200 recovering from injuries, wrote
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through the night. investigators still don't know what caused the -- the 14th carson jumped the track -- 14 carson jumped the track . hundreds fled the rubble this weekend in search of safer ground. the top commander said the offensive against isis was slowed by suicide bombers and snipers and stressed concern about civilian casualties . some say they won't see anything like it for the time seventh championship, healthy holding pulled it off . you will need a jacket when you had to work is morning -- in the morning . how long should we keep it
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the american indian heritage celebration happen this weekend at the seam of -- the 21st annual event featured dancers, and artist, storytellers -- artist, storytellers and other family-friendly at two buddies. it's nationally recognized as native american heritage month . the triangle what -- well represented at this year's thanksgiving parade, members of studio five dance company are already in new york repairing for the parade.
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band left tonight on for -- down for new york city. the band was set off a in grand style without raleigh -- with a raleigh in kerry high school. great stuff, remember to watch the thanksgiving day parade live on wral it starts at 9:00 a.m. twentys and locals for the children campaign kicked off today -- kickoff today, you can help by donating quotes at participating locations throughout the area can be made by going to . throughout the years you help collect 158,000 coats and raise more than $1.6 million to help families. join us live december -- december 9 right here in our sister station for the annual coats for the children tell upon, money raised will benefit that's -- the salvation army and he will include live specials and
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to 7:30 p.m. -- . it's all about -- it's all about our favorite four-legged pals, the campus dash-double dash the race course for the santa paws 5k, more than 400 runners and 100 feet the dogs great -- break the temperatures. the money raised benefit homeless pets and aspca and you see gerald owens playing the role of senecal falls. -- the role of santa claus . chilly morning . >> maybe it's the cool they -- cold air. >> you can't wait to say that. it's a clear cold night out there and looks like it will stay that way, but it's going to warm -- , but it's going to warm up. we will talk about that.
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quiet. the numbers at the airport 40 right now like northwesterly winds that is blustery as earlier today. dew point at 16, a relative humidity of 37%. normally you would ask act to be around 70 or 80%, it means it's a very dry air mass. snow flying up across the mountains of west virginia and you can e moisture coming off the great lakes, if you lineup this perfectly and the downwind of both lakes superior and michigan and lake huron you can see the plumes as a cold air picks up moisture off the warm lakes and dumps it and they are getting quite a pile tonight . take a look at the upper-level flow, northwesterly flow, they
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heavy snow. as long as the flow remains northwesterly it will continue to drive below normal air through tomorrow. as a trough begins to retrieve the start to see the lines curving the other direction. he had to change the point and returning it remember that? anyway, you can see the lines way that's what you -- when he got rich in the upper atmosphere and you expect warming and dry with that scenario and they will warm up later in the week. the wave coming through later in the thanksgiving and it will give us clouds and sprinkles and slightly cooler as we had to black friday and upcoming weekend. not all of us want to shop on black friday.
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clear and cool overnight low 29 tomorrow, sunny start and said -- sunny finish, it will be quite cold when the head -- you head off to work, 31 at eight, 48 lunchtime and 54, 53 today -ellipsis-dot dot dot and tomorrow. seven-day week in the warming -- begin the warming trade on to staff to chilly start and in the -- and in the 60s wednesday thursday and friday thanksgiving day is that -- today we have the best chance of getting close of course everybody will be inside watching -- everybody will be inside watching football . assuming -- consuming calories. >> for the music -- news. >> i assume people will be watching the news . sports. >> another busy day, nascar wrap up, jimmy johnson now in very elite company, we will show you
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jimmy johnson now -- as dale earnhardt in richard petty, that's what happens when you win your record-tying
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the championship -- at homestead today. bush in the pit, look at the rear tire change from his lips and that caused bush three spots and falls to six place. a restart to go with tend to go, carl edwards move low to block joey lugano and edwards turned into the wall huge wreck collects a couple cars with him in edwards is done. the racist red flag for more than 30 minutes and by to shake the hand of one of the crew chiefs, that opens the door for today johnson & johnson wins the race and the championship his seventh tying him for the most ever by any drive. the stress at something really interesting in a different about money -- and the relaxed nature i had of the -- in the cost i did not know what the outcome would be, but
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the world, it was wild someone . unbelievable -- someone unbelievable to see. they got a first check to a ranked tonight, virgin islands, number 22 clayton, they were at ends dealing with a concussion, this is terry anderson night and early hits the three in keeps hitting threes on his way to 17 first half point, beauty -- release scoring the point of without scoring chested justin patten taking advantage right there nc state down by six of -- at the half and created put away, they are up 75-67 this one into the second half at this point, duke and will island, grace and -- grayson island, only 40% through -- to the injury, rhode island made it interesting, matthews hit within
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time to pulling away and look canard on fire he scored a team- high 24 the veteran it will jefferson and -- another solid effort last night did it again 1715, a double double with the veteran good passing leads to a match shown wide open to get duke wins 75-65 they will now -- he will now head home plate will you marry on tuesday for the first time in a while there's a -- real optimism at pnc arena the hurricanesnl winning streak, first period against the jets, finally i lie -- a lie as lindholm hasn't scored all your first goal of the year he's -- he's very happy to finally get in the scoring column. they won nothing and until the cash two-zero late third two-one and hennepin kids the team -- solid again in the net is the hurricanes with forth in a row,
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lot of guys throughout the lineup and that's helping us win games at the same guy every night. >> 11 things going even one game above that although below 500 the r out of -- art of the 11 teams, who is going to get traction. someone is making playoffs why not us. >> this is not as a huge surprise texas likely looking for new -- like looking for new football coach multiple reports effectively fired as the -- they are saying the plan is to it after the season and he certainly did not stand behind strong they plan to keep him around, 16 games in three years at texas and lost a bad one to kansas yesterday . incredible run for the nc state woman suffered -- women's soccer -- woman suffered to missile -- women's soccer team is over -- woman suffered to missile for the pack lost the santa clara two-zero this afternoon, the best season in
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eight, blue devils beat -- beat nothwestern one-zero -- northwestern one-zero and tar heels beat clemson one-zero finals are next weekend, you can buy tickets to the next months -- next line celebration both tomorrow starting at noon at the ticket office, the eagles are the trip to the big game by beating north carolina beat the -- they will play the winner and the celebration will be set december 17 at the georgia dome in atlanta. it's officially rivalry have trouble with that one. nc state gets ready to play, north carolina, on friday and chapel hill today some local athletes had fun getting ready for the became nc state unc special olympics style, special olympics athletes from orange and wake county teams up with nc state, thing and you have high tide -- i've tried to flag football game at the unc campus. this is the first game of its
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this is fantastic to , but if you have a . you have a college atmosphere in the athletes, they always get that kind of excitement from the community so they are having a blast . i got to be the mc so that was a lot of fun. >> friday we will -- we will see you that means so much. >> there were a lot of, a lot of on good atmosphere -- . we're going to be chilly tonight and tomorrow homes chilly living -- lane warm up in the weekend close to seven by 20 days of -- turkey days of the everybody can watch you. >> okay. thanks greg -- greg. >> thank you for joining us tonight next, the week's top story on the white, get the staff on the -- donna sister
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of possible voter fraud continue to plague the outcome of elections statewide. new developments in the murder of michael jordan's father. what documents the prosecution must turn over.. and - children in need of a loving family - find their forever homes, just in time for the holidays. i'm ken smith, lets rewind... good evening...thanks for joining are some other stories information about a murder- suicide in granville county.... the court martial of sgt bowe bergdahl will start sooner than expected... and....a raleigh woman is charged with abandoning her two young children... on monday.. new information about a murder suicide involving a granville county sheriff's deputy and his wife. jeremy pearce filed a protective order against his wife in september. he later dropped the claim. the 2 were also involved in a bitter custody battle. police say jeremy pearce forced his way into becky pearce's parents


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